Company History

Parkgate Press (and its five imprints) was founded in March 2011 and became an LLC in July 2012. We are growing fast!

We are a new, independent publisher of literary and crime fiction (imprint Dionysus Books), non-fiction and academic books (imprint F Street Books) and poetry (imprint Prometheus Poetry). Our hardback are published by Parkgate Originals and our e-books by Parkgate Digital.

We seek to bring those titles to the marketplace which are often overlooked by mainstream publishers, works we believe have a distinctive voice and can reach a viable audience. We use Lightning Source Ltd (in the US, UK, Australia, and Brazil) as a distributor and work directly with Amazon (worldwide), Ingrams and Barnes & Noble.

We are welcoming submissions for academic mongraphs (including Ph.D. dissertations), novellas, literary novels (up to 90,000 words), historical, science fiction and crime novels (up to 100,000 words), short story collections, poetry collections, general non-fiction (especially history), and biographies (especially literary biographies).

It is our policy to reply to all submissions by email.

All Parkgate Press books are printed on acid-free paper.

What is an imprint?

An imprint is a trade name a company publishes under. They are created for a number of reasons, but often to distinguish one publishing list from another. The history of twentieth century publishing is deeply acquisitive, with many mergers and buy-outs. (The twenty-first century is looking no different!) A brand name publisher you recognize is more than likely to be owned by a larger company and would therefore be an imprint.